5 Myths About Baby Girls’ Earrings

By Admin - June 7, 2022
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Baby girls’ earrings are a fun accessory that your little girl can wear right after her ears are pierced, but they aren’t always appropriate if you want to avoid common misconceptions about baby earrings that could damage your little girl’s earlobes. Here are 5 myths about baby girls’ earrings and why they should be avoided in order to make sure your baby girl has beautiful and healthy ears.

1. Piercing Your Baby’s Ears Is Bad Parenting

There are plenty of valid reasons not to pierce your baby’s ears. That said, if you can wait until she is at least two years old and you feel strongly about earrings, there is no reason to delay it because of her age. Some babies even react positively to having their ears pierced—they look forward to taking them out and playing with them! It just depends on your baby. Many pediatricians agree that ear piercings in newborns or toddlers are fine as long as parents take proper precautions (see below). In fact, sometimes a tiny stud in an infant’s cartilage actually prevents more aggressive procedures later on when she’s older.

2. Precious Metals Or Any Metal Is Hazardous For Babies

All babies have sensitive skin, so it’s important to keep their skin as clean and bacteria-free as possible. Metal used in jewelry is relatively safe for babies because their immune systems aren’t strong enough to be negatively affected by it. However, if a child has a skin condition like eczema or psoriasis, metal may irritate her delicate skin even more. Only allow your baby to wear earrings made of non-irritating materials such as surgical steel, titanium or plastic.

3. Day 1 In Ear Lobes… Day 2 In Her Throat

One of the most prevalent myths about baby earrings is that they can swallow them. Since babies have small throats, it’s impossible for them to do so. While you still need to be careful when putting in their earrings, there is no fear of a choking hazard. For safety reasons, however, you should remove all jewelry before bath time and never leave your baby alone with his/her earrings on. Be sure to seek medical attention if your baby accidentally swallows an earring or other piece of jewelry. More often than not, doctors can retrieve it with minimal surgery and hassle.

4. The Weight Of Earrings For Baby Girl Will Wear Down Tender Lobes

There’s a widespread myth that wearing earrings early on will delay children from learning to walk, but there’s no evidence supporting it. On top of that, earrings are worn as fashion accessories and have no effect on speech or development. In fact, you don’t need to pierce your child’s ears until they’re six months old. Just like adults, young babies can wear clip-on earrings. However, if you do decide to pierce your child’s ears prior to six months, consult with a professional—who will use an antibiotic ointment and new-born needle—to prevent infection. They’ll also let you know when is safe for them to wear real (not fake) jewelry once their ears have healed.

5. Diamonds And Pearls Are Never Baby Friendly

Baby earrings have become an increasingly popular option for many parents looking to dress up their baby girls, but one look at these beautiful accessories and it’s easy to see why they’ve caught on. Baby earrings that hang down, dangle or are long-stemmed all make great options for newborns. As babies grow, however, safety concerns should begin to weigh on your mind. Baby-safe earring materials include hypoallergenic metals such as stainless steel and rhodium-plated sterling silver. What about pearl earrings? They’re classic for a reason: Pearls are classic yet modern–and definitely precious! It’s easy to wear them in adult styles as well if you’re opting out of traditional baby girl attire like smocked dresses and skirts.

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