Career Technical Education

By Admin - December 11, 2020

Are you currently taking up a vocation career education? If so, then you simply are considering a career technical education. Note that the two terms are just associated. They both mean the same.

Career technical education is basically a planned program of courses and learning experiences that serve as foundation for knowing the right path to take to advance and succeed in the individual’s career and life. It simply allows the people to learn and understand what and where to go as they move on in life for their own benefit, and it’s nice to know that career technical education was designed and developed to assist students in achieving the highest possible standards of learning, as well as to prepare them for the world of work.

With such aims and reasons, it’s no wonder that career technical education is now favored by many people from different areas in the world. Several surveys have in fact revealed that career technical education in today’s highly competitive environment is one of the most preferred areas of learning that millions of children, youth and adults are now considering it.

The career technical education is typically offered at a number of different learning areas. You can find it at the middle school, high schools, two-year community and technical colleges, and other postsecondary schools. In the United States alone, many of the public middle school offer sorts of career technical education courses and classes with special focus on family, consumer sciences and technology. These classes are offered that the public middle schools as a form of modular course sequence that allows the students to discover a variety of careers that are technology-based. In some high schools, the career technical education is often made available within a comprehensive high school or in an area vocational-technical schools that is but a separate entity.

There are also some places in the world like Delaware where the academic and technical courses are made available in vocational-technical high schools that offer full time student services. Perhaps what’s more important to know about this trend is that the career technical education, regardless of the school, is offered with work-based experiences like internships and apprenticeships as a major course supplement. These work-based experiences are actually given to give the students the chance to discover what lies in and beyond the actual workplace. This, of course, will prepare them to become good employees in the future.

Today, the career technical education is funded by the federal government through the Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Technical Education Act. The programs offered usually receive about $1.3 billion annually and the fund represents about 8 to 10 percent of the federal budget. There are also other Acts, however, that fund career technical education programs for the students, including the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, The Higher Education Act, The Workforce Investment Act, and the School-to-Work Opportunities Act.


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