How Are Those Rubber Bands On Braces Useful?

By Admin - January 4, 2023
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Braces bring your beautiful smile to life with proper alignment and confidence. Braces band colors add extra force to your teeth to align them more quickly and adequately. Interarch rubber bands also called “rubber bands” or “elastics,” fixes your teeth and help line up the teeth correctly. These rubber bands help adjust bite and jaw position, like an overbite or underbite and connect the bracket with hooks.

When teeth are severely misaligned, bands force them to align in a specific direction. The band is connected to the top and bottom tooth brackets, which adjusts the teeth and jaw position in the mouth. You can also remove these rubber bands while eating and cleaning your teeth and brackets, and make sure to keep the brackets clean.

However, you can replace these bands daily because they may break if used for too long. The dentist recommends wearing these bands regularly, only to be removed when eating or cleaning your teeth. Your dentist may suggest you wear the bands only at night if you have minor alignment problems.

The rubber bands play a significant role in the wearer’s orthodontic improvement.

Orthodontic Rubber Bands

If you are going through the braces treatment, you should know that braces have two rubber bands: elastic ligatures and interarch rubber bands. Ligatures are also rubber bands that are linked to each bracket. The bands come in different colors; you can choose different colors. This help to keep the archwire in position and help move your teeth for a straighter appearance. But you need to replace them with every visit to your Miami orthodontist as they may lose their strength and can break easily.

Do’s and Don’ts of Braces

Braces are the best dental correction solution, but there are some instructions that the person wearing braces should follow and keep in mind.

Always keep your teeth clean, follow your dentist’s instructions and maintain good oral hygiene. To protect and get the most use out of orthodontic appliances, you need to keep your brackets and teeth clean.

Don’t forget to brush and floss under the archwire and between the brackets. You must remove plaque, or it may build up in tartar between your teeth and brackets and can cause other dental issues. Replace your toothbrush every three months to ensure that your teeth are adequately cleaned. Visit your dentist regularly so that your dentist can adjust your archwire and look for the teeth’s movement. Don’t avoid your bracket adjustments; if you d, your treatment time may increase and your treatment expense too.

You also have to look at what you eat. You may break your bracket or an archwire. Avoid food sticking to your teeth which can cause problems while cleaning them. Don’t eat much sugary food as it may lead to tooth decay. Follow your dentist’s instructions, and you will have a safe treatment throughout your treatment time.

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Follow do’s and dont and consult your dentist for more information. Don’t hesitate to talk to your dentist if you face any problems during the treatment. Contact your braces cost in miami and book an appointment.

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