How Have The Color Braces Taken The Orthodontics Industry By Storm?

By Admin - June 6, 2023
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We as a society have traveled so far that we can now look to explore instead of fighting for basic needs; this resulted in many fun and exciting inventions, and one such exciting innovation happened in the orthodontics industry in the form of color braces. Everyone seems to be fond of color braces nowadays, from school-going students to working professionals; the craze for color braces is visible in this generation from head to toe. If you are someone who wants to be part of this crazy trend, then read this article to get a detailed insight into color braces.

What Are Braces and Color Braces?

Braces is an orthodontic tool used to align the teeth with the support of a metal wire, elastic rubber bands, and metal brackets, which stick on teeth for a while to give them the proper structure. Similarly, color braces do the same, but it allows the patient to choose the color of the rubber bands from the braces color wheel, which is the major highlight of color braces.

Who Needs Braces and Color Braces?

Braces treatment is used to:

  • Restore Openbite
  • Straighten the teeth
  • Fix Crossbite
  • Align overcrowded teeth
  • Treat Underbite
  • Close between the teeth
  • Cure Overbite

However, color braces are an add-on to these treatments. If you want to turn the table from being a patient who has to wear braces to a proud person who will flaunt the fantastic color of your braces in front of your peers with pride, then color braces are “the thing” for you.

What are some food you can’t eat with braces?

With some great fun and excitement comes some level of restriction, and this same applies to the braces. Below is the list of some food items which you should avoid while wearing braces:

  • Pizza Crust: It would be hard to chew the crust of the pizza, so it would be recommended to avoid it.
  • Hard Rolls: While eating hard rolls, you might break the front brackets. So it is advisable not to eat hard rolls with your braces on.
  • Chewing Gums: Chewing gum might stick to the wire or the bracket, which could cause problems that will delay the treatment.
  • Nuts: All kinds of nuts, such as cashew, walnuts, or almonds, should be avoided as they can stick in between the teeth, which can cause cavities, or due to their hardness, they might bend the wire.
  • Meat on the Bones: This will be a strict no to all the patients who are wearing braces. A slight mistake can detach the brackets from the teeth.

These food items can wait a while, so avoid them for a certain period for seamless and timely treatment.

Some incredible color options for the color braces:

Selecting the color for your braces is a little tiring, so we have picked some to make your work easier. Choose any color from any of the following:

  • Red: Red color bracket you can wear to show yourself as a passionate personality.
  • Sky Blue: With these bright sky blue braces, you can choose to demonstrate yourself as a dreamful person.
  • Navy Blue: If you are less attention-seeking, you can wear navy blue braces.
  • Light Green: This color will associate your personality with peace and harmony.

To conclude

This was our in-depth article to help you out with color braces. If you are going for it, note all the essential points mentioned. If you have any queries about braces cost miami, visit us.

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