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By Admin - December 11, 2020

When buying your new or used car with a dealer it can be very tempting to take the finance offered by them, after all they can be very persuasive. However keep in mind that all sales staff at every car dealership will use the same lines when it comes to selling car dealer finance. They will tell you the great deal you saw on the web was wrong or that the car will not be here tomorrow as someone else is very interested, however they are all cons to get you to take the finance out with them.

While in some cases you can get an excellent rate of interest and deal, the majority of time you are able to save a lot of money by going online with a specialist website and letting them search the whole of the marketplace for a good rate of interest and loan for you. So while by all means get a quote for car dealer finance, but then double check to make sure you cannot get a cheaper deal yourself. Always remember they are not going to do you any favours and they are not providing you with a service but are simply selling you a product, a loan, which you might be able to get cheaper yourself.

There are many ways you can get finance without taking car dealer finance; the first is to take out a loan or hire purchase for the car. This entails putting a deposit down on the car then making repayments over the term set out in the loan. The amount you will have to pay per month will be decided by how much the loan is for, how long you have taken it out over and how much deposit you have put down on the car.

Another option for car finance is to take out PCP, personal contract purchase. With this option you pay a deposit on the car then pay over a fixed period of time with monthly repayments that are generally very low and at the end of the loan you then have choices to make regarding your options. Once the agreement comes to an end you have to decide if you are going to pay the final lump sum left owing on the car, hand the car back and pay nothing more or part exchange the car.

Credit purchase is another option than can be used instead of going with car dealer finance. This option is very similar to PCP except that when the agreement comes to an end you have to find the money left owing on the car and pay it in full, then the car is yours.

Information about all of these options is available with a specialist website and along with this they can gather you quotes which you can then compare for the cheapest against the car dealer finance that was offered at the showroom. Whichever option you choose to take always make sure that you have read the terms and condition of any finance agreement before signing on the dotted line. The key facts can reveal hidden costs that could be included in the loan and will also state how much in total your choice of finance will cost you.


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