Making The Most Of Your Business Credit Card Account

By Admin - December 11, 2020

Every individual has now developed a habit of availing the credit. Credit cards have suitably sufficed the needs of individuals. With the growing business credits are also required for business and the personnel associated with them.

Business credit card offers various benefits to the business to identify its identity. A Business credit card is also the one of the marketing technique about the business. It portrays about the business and its corporate standing. Hi-tech or flashy cards are good for organizations that need to portray top corporate image. A business credit card can also be simple and elicit to portray the elegant standing of a business. Professionally designed business credit card helps in maximizing returns from carrying a suitable business credit card.

Apart from the image portrayal a business credit card also resolves several practical business needs. It simplifies the expenditure of employees on behalf of the company. Those companies where the employees need to travel a lot in such a case a business credit card simplifies the expenditure pattern of the employee and all expenses are easily accounted for. Business credit card thus eventually comes in handy for effective cash management, controlling business expenditures and minimizing bank charges.

Some business credit card providers offer discounts on a business credit card issued to the corporate. But such discounts on a business credit card are reserved for large companies. Merchants and banks offer various degree of flexibility on a business credit card. The business owner can nominate the personnel that would be issued a business credit card. He can also set the expenditure limit on different card for different personnel. The employee can settle payments either by check or direct debit each month for any business credit card issued in his name.

Business credit card also offers regular benefits usually accompanied by any other credit card. These benefits on a business credit card are convenient repayment methods, from 25 to 55 days interest-free credit on merchandise transactions, optional card registration scheme and cardholder protection plan, 24 hour 365 day cardholder helpline, cash advances at all banks issuing banks logo, access to a range of other benefits, including discounts on car rental and hotel accommodation, etc.

Business credit card issued by any bank is usually segregated in three categories of small, medium and large businesses. Small business credit card is usually issued in small quantity of up to five cards per organization but eventually helps in separating personal expenditures from those done for the organization.

Medium business card is issued for easy expenditure management up to ten in number. It helps in keeping control on employee expenditure as well give free liability to an employee to make a payment on behalf of the company.

Business credit issued to large corporate usually comes in handy for expenses, procurement and travel management solutions. The issuing bank or merchant for a business credit card provides VAT accounting and detailed management information. Since these cards are issued on over +10 quantity it provides total accounting support.


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