Nomos Tangente Watch Review – A Closer Look at This Stylish Timepiece

By Admin - June 18, 2022
nomos tangente watch

What’s not to love about the Nomos Tangente watch? It’s comfortable, it’s stylish, and it’s affordable. As far as elegance goes, you can’t do much better than this. But before we go any further in our Nomos Tangente watch review, let’s take a closer look at what makes this model such an awesome choice and see why so many men and women love this timepiece…

Design & Packaging

Nomos is known for its clean, elegant designs that feel timeless—and a lot of that has to do with how their watches are packaged. Nomos’ packaging is extremely well thought out and simple; it’s only purpose is to keep your watch safe in transit and looking beautiful when you pull it out. The trademark orange box (with an owl!) is coated in foam and holds your watch wrapped in a protective microfiber cloth. In other words, you could drop your Nomos on a concrete floor, pick it up and put it right on your wrist without any damage whatsoever—though we recommend trying that sometime just to see how far they’ll take their product protection 🙂

Construction & Materials

Nomos tangente watches use Glashütte 3/4 standard case dimensions, which translates to a relatively thin (7.9mm) stainless steel case. The thin bezel and small lug-to-lug width (48mm) make for a smaller overall footprint, which is great for those with small wrists or for whom wearing large-sized watches just doesn’t look right. Nomos uses an open dial design, opting not to inset its hour markers. To ensure legibility, they polished all of their hour markers in high relief; something we wouldn’t necessarily have expected given Nomos’ minimalist ethos.

Functionality & Wearability

Nomos is no stranger to watch collectors and experts; with nearly 50 years of experience, Nomos has produced some of Germany’s finest timepieces. Nomos watches can be found in many boutiques all around Europe, however only recently have their watches become more accessible here in North America. Recently I was able to come across a pre-owned Nomos in Toronto and I couldn’t resist taking it home with me. So what makes a Nomos worth buying? Here are just a few reasons why…

Overall Impression

The Nomos is a gorgeous watch that’s extremely well-made. It’s not as eye-catching as other brands, but still has its own sleek look about it. At 36mm in diameter and 10mm thick, it fits my larger wrist very well; those with smaller wrists may want to check out Nomos’ other models. If you’re looking for an elegant, stylish watch that’s also made exceptionally well, take a closer look at Nomos. It’s hard to find quality design like theirs these days! The company’s motto may be understated excellence, but I think their pieces are anything but boring!

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