What Are The Consequences Faced When You Are Having Underbite?

By Admin - April 26, 2023
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In the present time, dental issues are the most common problems faced by every generation, which can be due to multiple reasons. But having beautiful teeth can be the best experience anyone could get. We all wish for straight and aligned teeth so that we can make and have dazzling smiles.

We all are imperfect in some way, so, as our teeth. We all don’t have perfect and aligned teeth and mustn’t be embarrassed about it.

Due to the advancement in technology, every treatment is possible by orthodontist North Miami, which can assist you in getting an asthetic smile forever.  

An underbite is the lower part of the jawline, which also juts out father in the upper part. The underbite can face many consequences if this is not treated on time. Continue reading the article to know more about underbite and its treatment.

What is an underbite?

Underbite is an issue that is being faced by many where your lower teeth are being extended more than your upper teeth. This usually results in the misalignment of the jaw; this is also known as class 3 malocclusion. It is essential to observe that some underbites are different.

There are different levels of underbites.

  • This is not being able to detect from the outside.
  • This can be easily deterred as the jawline gets uplifted and can be readily observable from the outside.

This can be dependable on how severe and minor this can be.

Usually, an underbite is a basic cosmetic issue that can cause problems with your teeth and jaw. If the underbite is very severe, then this can cause difficulty in speaking, or in other words, this can lead to mispronunciation or unclear speech.

What are the Consequences of the underbite?

  • An underbite can cause wear and tear to the front teeth.
  • This might make the teeth more prone to chipping or breakage.
  • There are also chances that this can cause a problem with the teeth and the jaw.
  • When you have an underbite, there are also chances that this might create a struggle in chewing and biting the food.
  • When we see the cosmetic appearance, this issue can also lower our confidence to face the audience, disturbing their social life.
  • This can also lead to mouth breathing which snoring may cause.
  • This can also lead to bad breath, as there are also chances that underbite can lead to lousy breath causing bacterial infection in the mouth.
  • According to an orthodontist Miami beach, an underbite can cause a challenge to the temporomandibular joint. This is the line that connects your jawline with the skull. This type of disorder can be excruciating and harm you.
  • Underbite can also affect your health, leading to the sanitisation problem.  

Conclusion :

If the underbite is left untreated, then this can cause multiple problems related to oral hygine. Underbites can be treated with ordinary orthodontics methods, but if the case is very severe, then this might also require surgery. And the pediatric dentist in Miami says the underbite will tell which type of underbite treatment you need. The underbite braces can also treat underbites at very cost effective rates.

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