What Are The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Ligation And Stripping Surgery?

By Admin - May 5, 2022
Stripping Surgery

If you are suffering from varicose veins that are twisted, blue-colored, and puffy veins that develop on the surface of your skin. Then visiting a vein specialist must have suggested you get a Ligation And Stripping Surgery. Many people search on the internet What is the best treatment for veins, and found from results that vein stripping is the most effective treatment to disappear varicose and spider veins. In this article, we have penned down some questions most frequently asked by the patient before getting vein stripping. Reading through this article will help you know about the procedure in depth.

What is the average cost of the ligation and stripping procedure?

The cost of Ligation and stripping for disappearing varicose veins range from $1,500 to $3,000. The cost of ligation and stripping may depend on the doctor’s fee, location, and the severity of varicose veins. If you don’t want to get vein stripping then you should ask your vein specialist for providing you with detailed information regarding What are the treatment options for varicose veins.

What are the complications that arise with varicose vein stripping?

Every treatment has its benefits and side effects. Vein stripping is one of the most common and popular treatments for varicose veins. We have mentioned some common side effects that arisen after the surgical procedure of vein stripping such as:

  • Development of allergy
  • Skin infection
  • Serious bleeding
  • Development of blood clots
  • Scars
  • Damage of nerves.
  • heavy bleeding
  • blood clots
  • bruising or scarring
  • nerve injury

These were some risks found in some people after vein stripping. Having side effects is normal but if they last for longer then require an immediate visit to a vein surgeon.

Who is not the right candidate for vein stripping?

We have mentioned some facts below, if you are one of the people suffering from those these difficulties then vein stripping might not be a good idea to go with such as:

  • Suffering from skin disease
  • Extremely overweight
  • If you are pregnant
  • Improper blood circulation
  • Suffering from blood clots in various areas of the body

Why does the doctor recommend vein stripping?

Many vein specialist recommends varicose vein stripping if you are suffering from one of these points mentioned below such:

  • Suffering from prolonged pain in legs
  • Experiencing burning and throbbing sensation in legs
  • Tenderness in legs
  • Development of ulcers in legs
  • Formation of blood clots
  • Serious bleeding veins

Thinking of “Should you treat varicose veins early?” The vein stripping surgery will be recommended by a vein specialist to avoid further complications. If you are feeling the following difficulties. Many patients choose vein tripping for cosmetic reasons also.


Some people lack knowledge of several important facts about the treatment they are about to get but still, they don’t ask their doctors for details. The reason we have mentioned these most commonly asked questions by the patients of varicose veins is to help every individual analyze the treatment in brief to avoid further complications. We hope you liked this article and it was a great learning experience for you regarding vein stripping, for more information you can visit our website.

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