What Are The Various Types Of Orthodontic Appliances?

By Admin - March 1, 2023
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Orthodontic appliances are used primarily to get the best results from braces or Invisalign. These appliances have a variety of uses. These orthodontic appliances effectively promote more efficient tooth movement and align them, maintain space in the mouth for permanent teeth to develop, and help support the proper development of the jaw bones.

Many north miami beach orthodontist suggest these appliances wear before, during, or after treatment!

What do these orthodontic appliances do?

These appliances give more effective results during the braces or Invisalign miami beach treatment. The period of wearing these appliances may vary on your personalized treatment plan. Your dentist may suggest you wear it for days, weeks, or months.


This appliance is used for early orthodontic treatment for kids whose jaw bones are still developing and may need palatal expanders for support. These devices enlarge the upper jaw to provide more area for teeth to erupt correctly in a proper alignment. By heading the correct development of the jaw bone, palatal expanders help prevent crowded teeth.

The dentist uses a screw in the appliance’s midpart. The temporary palatal expander is fastened to the top molars on both sides of the jaw. The palatal expander is triggered by inserting a unique key to turn the middle screw, slightly stretching the device, and gradually widening the palate.

If your child requires a palatal expander, talk to your miami beach orthodontics. You need to know about the procedure or appliance.


TAD is temporary anchoring devices (TADs) are dental implants inserted into the bone to act as an “anchor” and help in the mobility of the teeth. TAD device is usually used when only a few teeth need movement, and others don’t. TADs can move individual teeth more effectively.

These anchorage devices resemble tiny metal buttons carefully inserted into the jawbone. The TAD is bonded to the individual tooth (or teeth) that require treatment by a thin wire or elastic.


The little rubber bands known as spacers or separators help make the opening needed to position braces.  Your dentist wraps the metal band over the back molars to secure the archwires in place when wearing braces. Dentists use these separators when the molars are too close together to implode these metal bands.

Dentists suggest wearing separators only for one to two weeks before the start of active treatment.


The Nance appliance is a device that holds the upper molars in their place and prevents them from rotating or shifting forward. Dentists place this appliance with cement with two metal bands around the first molars and a wire which connects the back molars to an acrylic pad behind the two front teeth.


A space maintainer, also known as the lower lingual holding arch. It uses metal bands around the two lower molars and a metal wire that extends from the molars and wraps around the inner of the bottom teeth. The lower lingual arch appliance creates the proper foundation that forms the lower arch in a healthy alignment while holding the space required in the mouth for premolars to develop.

In Conclusion:

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to discuss them with your Invisalign north miami beach. Contact and book an appointment now!

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