What Is The Good Age To Receive Braces Treatment?

By Admin - August 19, 2022
Braces Treatment

According to a pediatric orthodontist near me, the best age to get braces will depend on the children themselves. It is because everyone grows at a different pa, and sometimes children will go through puberty sooner and earlier than clothes. However, as a general guideline, children should consider receiving braces between 9 and 14. Usually, this occurs before kids reach puberty. As their jaw and teeth will already be in their post-puberty positions, altering them will be more difficult if they have already gone through it.

Why should we start the braces treatment early?

A medical expert should keep an eye on your children as they develop to ensure everything goes according to plan. You probably start taking your children to the doctor for annual exams at a young age to ensure their general health. You should also include their dental health in this reasoning. When your children are seven years old, we advise you to take them to the dentist and an orthodontist Miami.

They start erupting their permanent adult teeth around age 6 or 7. You want to ensure that your children’s jaw and teeth develop before they start gaining adult teeth. Otherwise, you will require more invasive orthodontic treatment to address any abnormalities.

How do braces move your teeth?

Dental braces can reposition your teeth by applying continuous pressure to your natural teeth over an extended period. Your jaw progressively changes to accommodate this pressure. It can be challenging to understand that it can shift teeth because we frequently believe that they are directly attached to our jawbone. However, a membrane that joins your teeth to your jaw lies beneath your gums and surrounds your bones.

The membrane regulates how your teeth are positioned and reacts to the pressure that braces are applying to your teeth. It doesn’t hurt to get braces during the appointment, which takes one to two hours. As you acclimate, you could feel sore the first week you wear braces. You could have some soreness for a few days after your children’s orthodontist near me adjust your braces.

Can braces work with missing teeth?

In rare circumstances, you can fix the gaps and other issues using braces with missing teeth. It is most likely to happen to dental patients who are already severely overcrowded. The typical recommendation from orthodontists is to get braces first if you require both orthodontics and dental implants. An implant cannot move or shift like a natural tooth since it is fastened into your jaw.

There are no ligaments in the titanium anchor that permit tooth realignment. To ensure that the gap stays the proper size, the orthodontist specialist of Florida will intentionally create a space that will be used for a restoration in the future or place a placeholder in the present area. However, it is usually possible to place the implant before wearing braces if the teeth around the implant are not the focus of orthodontic therapy.


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