How Baby Monitors Work

By Admin - December 11, 2020

One of the favorite things for parents to do is watching their beautiful baby as he or she is peacefully sleeping. Parents do this partly to make sure they are seeing the gentle rise and fall of their chest that indicates everything is okay. It’s natural for parents to worry about their babies. After putting a baby in his or her bed for a nap or for the evening, parents often come back to check, double-check, and then check on the baby again to make sure everything is okay and for their peace of mind. But, with the many high quality baby monitors available, parents now can have a set of ears in their baby’s room the entire time their baby is asleep which brings extra peace of mind and comfort to busy parents.

A baby monitor is actually a radio transmitter that allows you to listen in on your little one at all times of the day and night. Monitors are compact, two-part gadgets. There is a transmitter that is placed near the sleeping baby (but well out of reach of the baby) and a receiver that the parents keep near them. The receiver will amplify any noise your baby makes.

Reception-range and designs vary. Some allow you to speak softly to your baby through an intercom; others have built in cameras so you can not only hear your baby but see him or her as well. Some monitors show sounds via a light display so you can monitor your baby even when the volume is turned off. In addition, some models have an optional sensor pad that monitors your baby’s breathing, and sounds an alarm if no movement is detected.

Baby monitors are very useful. Anytime your baby gets up from sleep, whether it is because he or she is hungry, need to be changed, or is just ready for comfort and interaction from you, a baby monitor lets you know instantly that your baby is starting to wake up or is awake. The biggest advantage of a baby monitor is that it offers parents an added element of safety and security. Parents can cook a meal, do laundry, or any of the 1,001 things that need to be done at home without having to worry about their baby. They can even step outside on to the patio to take in some sunshine and take a break without having to worry about whether or not they’ll hear their baby when he or she wakes up. When your baby is peacefully asleep, you know he or she is totally safe because your baby monitor will alert you the moment your little one needs you. According to one Mom in San Francisco,” My listening unit is the most important device at home. I don’t go anywhere without it.”

Even though baby monitors are wonderful devices and seem indispensable, they have their shortcomings. Interference from cordless phones and concrete walls sometimes sets off a false alarm, which means that you may be hearing things that are not there. Some monitors pick up transmissions from other baby monitors that are nearby and give you a minor heart attack while you rush to your baby’s side.

Important features to look for in a baby monitor:

– Compactness: A compact model is lightweight and easy to carry around.

– Sound-activated light: Sometimes, other children may accidentally turn the volume off. Alternatively, if you are watching TV or talking on the phone you may miss your baby’s cries if this feature is not present.

– Low-battery warning: If your batteries are low on life, you may not hear your baby.

– Right bandwidth: Some high-end models offer a wide bandwidth for better clarity.

– Video display – this is a great feature although it’s not necessary and adds to the cost of the baby monitor. But it’s great to be able to see an image of your baby along with being able to hear him or her


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