What does a Nance appliance do?

By Admin - September 16, 2022
Nance Appliance

You can keep a healthy and beautiful smile with a nance appliance.

The Nance appliance is made of two bands cemented on the first molars and a wire that holds the top surface of the mouth from one molar to the other. This appliance controls the rotation and moving forward of the upper molar after orthodontic treatment.

Your dentist adjusts it at the top surface of the mouth with a piece of acrylic. You can keep the appliance for a particular time or make it removable.

If you place the appliance in your mouth, you must avoid sticky and chewy food that can stick to the device and brush your bands properly daily.

Avoid doing tongue thrusting and other orthodontic treatment. You can explore other options too, and there are several options available that can work similarly.

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How Does Nance Appliance Work?

Nance Appliance has a unique function, the stainless steel band is fixed to the molar to expand or rotate the upper molars, and the curved part of the rest of the appliance is fitted to the upper part of the mouth. A piece of acrylic pad or “button” conceals the wire that touches the top surface of the mouth straight behind the front teeth, which helps prevent the molars’ movement.

Through this appliance, sometimes the teeth move to their exact position.

It helps maintain the space and prevent upper molars from moving forward.

This appliance is removable, cemented, and kept there for a particular time.

It is better to choose a fixed option as it has much more effects than the removable option of the appliance.

The dentist removes it once the canines have shifted to their position, which almost takes 6 to 8 months.

What Are The Limitations of Nance Appliances?

When the nance appliance is fixed, you may have difficulty speaking or a lisp, which will reduce after a few days as you get used to it.

This happens because the appliance is fitted at the mouth’s top surface, and the top surface’s tissue is soft. It can get damaged and can irritate.

You may feel soreness for some days, but soon your mouth will adjust to the new appliance, and soreness will resolve with time. 

There is much to take care of in the appliance, and food is the most important thing to take care of as you can’t eat sticky, crunchy, or food that is hard to chew because it can stick to the appliance quickly. Eating all this food can damage the device and can make bands lose. Visit your dentist soon if this situation arises.

For more details on a Nance appliance, it is best to speak with your best orthodontist in Miami.


The nance appliance keeps your molars in their position during the orthodontic treatment. They help in maintaining the molars aligned and healthy. Your dentist will customize your treatment to give you the best achievable smile results.

It is imperative to keep a good oral health routine! You can take care by drinking water with every meal. Talk to your orthodontists in Miami, fl, to know more about Nance Appliance.

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