Why Should You Buy An iPhone 13 Wood Case?

By Admin - May 20, 2022

When individuals invest money in iPhone 13, it becomes necessary to protect them from sudden falls. Once your phone hits the ground, it may get damaged. So, buying iPhone 13 wood case is a wise decision.

At, we stock protective wooden phone cases made from bamboo and Walnut without quality and aesthetics. Our every iPhone 13 wood phone case is composed of high-quality material providing sufficient protection to your phone if it drops accidentally on the ground.

Wooden Phone Cases Allow Maximum Functionality:

You need not become confused when you decide to buy an iPhone 13 mini wood phone case. It provides maximum protection and easiness to use it. With our wooden i-phone 13 case, you will be able to use the top features of your phone. It lets use Qi-certified wireless charger or use any other significant function. Our quality wooden phone cases won’t let you sacrifice any functionality of your phone. So buying an iPhone 13 mini wood phone case won’t disappoint you.

Why Should You Use Wood for Your iPhone Case?

Plastic, aluminum, or leather are all viable options. Some are excellent choices, but wood is distinct and a superior alternative. Wood is beautiful, natural, elegant, and clean.


Wooden phone cases are pretty attractive. Plastic is unsightly, whereas wood is lovely. That’s all there is to it. Wood is stunning from Walnut and bamboo. With time, wood goods will age and improve in appearance. It is the polar opposite of plastic. Plastic, metal, glass, and leather products will all be scratched, dinged, and damaged and will not improve in appearance. Although certain leather items improve with age, they are also far more prone to permanent and unsightly blemishes. Like a beautiful piece of old furniture, every fingerprint, coffee stain, or minor scratch adds character to the wood. The longer you use it, the more authentic and vintage the wood will appear.


Phone cases made of wood provide excellent protection. Most wooden cases use TPU case templates. What exactly is TPU? That sounds revolting. TPU (Thermoplastic Urethane) is an environmentally friendly hybrid material combining hard plastic and soft silicone. TPU iPhone cases are comprised of a dense and smooth rubber that effortlessly slides in and out of your pocket without accumulating lint.

Moreover, TPU casings are more durable, slightly elastomer, and significantly more robust than silicone cases. Gowoodca employs TPU case templates that are then covered in genuine wood. Apart from purchasing an Otterbox or other “HEAVY DUTY” case, this mix of TPU and natural wood provides excellent drop protection while being slim and light. Most alternative materials cannot offer this level of protection without adding significant bulk.

Utility & Functionality:

The core functioning of wood phone cases is not compromised. Wood is a highly elastic material. Many phone cases will need you to forgo functionality. You will find what your phone is incapable of afterward. On the other hand, wood can be thin enough to allow Qi-certified wireless charging or MagSafe magnetic coupling via the casing. It can be ultra-thin while still being ultra-protective because of the earlier stiffness. Wooden phone cases don’t require you to give up any of your phone’s features.


Wooden iPhone cases are environmentally friendly. There is already enough plastic on the planet. Wood is a natural resource that is 100 percent sustainable when collected ethically. We can’t say about the other rivals, but GowoodCa only uses FSC Certified Sustainable Wood.


One of the most important reasons to buy a sustainable wooden iPhone case is that they look incredible and offer similar durability to plastic or any other material’s phone case. Our wooden phone cases are produced from natural wood; they provide a unique look. One of the best benefits of buying iPhone wooden cases is that over time they don’t leave their aesthetic quality and look even more realistic and beautiful. A wooden phone case brings quality and matches an individual’s overall personality. Explore our online store and pick your favorite mobile cover, eyeglass, and other classy men’s and women’s fashion accessories. 

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